Biennale Democrazia 2021 – Dibattiti – Il gaming nei processi di coinvolgimento democratico [ITALIAN] – October 2021
A roundtable on current political debates in gaming culture, hosted by Biennale Democrazia, with Claudia Molinari and Matteo Pozzi.

Johnny Mnemonic. Corpi umani e ibridazioni tecnologiche [ITALIAN] – November 2020
A roundtable on the legacy of cyberpunk literature, hosted by Biennale Tecnologia. With Alessandro Perissinotto and Teresa Limata.

How to reference a digital game [ENGLISH] – July 2019
Digra 2019 presentation of the paper How To Reference a Digital Game. Written with Stefano Gualeni and Jonas Linderoth. Presentation by Stefano

Ludopanorama. Per una valorizzazione del territorio digitale [ITALIAN] – November 2018
A seminar hosted by IVIPRO on the relation between video games and tourism

Intorno al LibroGame: anticipazioni e prospettive dell’Interactive Storytelling [ITALIAN] – October 2017
A short talk on the legacy of choose-your-own-adventure books during a seminar organized by Giulio Lughi

Games studies? European Touch! [ENGLISH and FRENCH] – October 2015
A round table on game studies in Europe, hosted by Université Paris XIII, with Aphra Kerr, Frans Mayra, Olivier Servais.